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Who We Are

Pangea's  management team has been amicably formed through the formation of mutually beneficial partnerships creating a highly focused group of industry leaders under one roof.

We are a global team of financers, legal experts, engineers, urban and rural planners, construction, energy, environmental, water and food security innovators consolidating our services in order to bring together a powerful operational team that is able to offer first class infrastructure and energy development, and financing to governments and private partners. 

Our management team’s primary goal is to create grassroots solution based projects that enhance the development of profitable, sustainable, beneficial, and guaranteed transactions in country’s we believe will truly benefit from our services. 

Every member of our management team has at some point been responsible for high value and high growth joint ventures on a global scale. Over the years, trustworthy business relationships were collectively formed via past relationships that eventually shaped the opportunistic formation of Pangea.

Pangea is currently led by a private and confidential group of partners that have combined their financial, legal, and business ventures to create a powerful infrastructure and energy development investment fund organisation. Through vast experiences on a global basis, Pangea's managers adopt numerous managerial and organisation structures offering complete turnkey solutions, flexibility and adaptability on every project and in every country Pangea operates.